CSI 6500.


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Emerson unveils new CSI 6500 Machinery Health® Monitor that integrates proven prediction and protection modules into a single platform 

Complete turbomachinery solution adds value to retrofit and upgrade projects

AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 14, 2008) – Emerson Process Management today introduced the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor, the latest advancement of its Smart Machinery Health Management capabilities. The new CSI 6500 allows users to combine protection modules from the CSI 6000 Machinery Health Monitor with new plug-in prediction modules to create a single rack for a complete online monitoring solution.  Smart Machinery Health Management is a key component of the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture.

Like the CSI 6000 protection solution, the CSI 6500 fully complies with the requirements for API 670 protection.  API 670 is the American Petroleum Institute’s globally-accepted definition of industry best practices for turbomachinery protection.

The CSI 6500 is the ideal solution for plants looking to replace their existing protection system while also leveraging the benefits of predictive diagnostics. It builds on Emerson’s proven foundation of providing protection and prediction solutions for turbomachinery. Housed in a single chassis, this solution further advances Emerson’s ability to deliver a comprehensive online machinery monitoring package that includes prediction, protection, and performance monitoring integrated with process automation.

“The CSI 6500 is an example of Emerson’s commitment to the continued development of innovative solutions for protection and online continuous monitoring,” said Craig Llewellyn, president of Emerson’s Asset Optimization division. “Turbomachines are multi-million dollar critical assets that can fail catastrophically with significant economic impact if not monitored for developing problems. Emerson’s solution, delivered through the PlantWeb digital architecture, improves machinery performance over the life cycle of a plant.”

The CSI 6500 leverages the predictive diagnostic capabilities of AMS® Suite, a family of best-in-class diagnostic software applications that enable users to detect plant asset problems before they become critical issues.  For real time decision-making with the CSI 6500, AMS Suite provides a simple graphical view of process parameters, machinery protection parameters, machinery health information and machine performance information.

Emerson’s experts ensure proper design and execution for the CSI 6500 implementation in the plant.  From onsite assessment, installation and project management to commissioning and analysis of predictive diagnostics, Emerson offers a team of world-class professionals to ensure success.

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