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IrControl – Solutions for automation with thermography

Automation Technology’s solutions for infrared image processing are based on the software package IrControl which is the first all-in-one software package for infrared image processing in real time. Not only our basic

package is available for IR imaging applications, but also additional modules and features for customized requirements. This is why IrControl means a fail-safe solution for for measurement, evaluation and control tasks in industrial automation, R&D and other challenging applications.


Industry-sector-specific applications for integrators

Mould monitoring

This inline mould-monitoring system enables fully automatic detection and control of temperature fields. For example, it can be used to control temperature distribution during thermoforming processes.


Electronic components inspection

Automatic system performing inline quality checks on electronic components and modules. During testing, the infrared image reveals an electronic component pulsed with a current pulse. The clearly visible hot-spot is an indicator of a defective part.


Leakage testing

Industrial inline system providing fully automatic inspection of packaging.



Sealed seam inspection

Industrial inline system for fully automatic inspection of plastic-welding processes.


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