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IrMonitor – Systems for thermographic monitoring

The concept of IrMonitor enables the use of several IR cameras and pan-&-tilt systems for monitoring large areas of industrial plants. The system is based on  a software which administrates the operating of the cameras and analyses the thermal images that are recorded. Automation Technology offers several packages (RPU, CTU) with all known features for tasks of thermographic monitoring. These packages can be combined without problems and this is why IrMonitor is a flexible solution which covers all areas of applications of infrared monitoring.

Industry-sector-specific solutions for integrators

Early detection of fires

IrMonitor is an outstanding monitoring solution designed for pinpointing and visualising blazes and smouldering fires with thermography. The sytem monitors wide-area plants with infrared cameras, ideal for use in waste bunkers, fuel depots, paper stores, mines, etc.

Steel ladle monitoring

The system thermographically monitors the surface temperature of foundry ladles and, as soon as the examined material reaches a critical state, this can be identified in good time by analysing thermal images.


Thermography monitoring for petrochemistry

Our all-in-one petrochemical detection solution monitors escaping gases or liquids. Traditionally, monitoring of this type used to be carried out by measuring fluctuations in pressure at various points in the system. Compared to these methods IrMonitor identifies leaks earlier because it does not need an identifiable drop in pressure.

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