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IRSmartEye 320 ndt

IRSmartEye 320 ndt is characterized by its high thermal sensitivity and is due to its integrated intelligence the ideal instrument for uncooled ndt applications. The Gigabit Ethernet interface assures a fast and flexible data transfer, even over larger distances (up to 100m).

The camera is fully compatible with the software packages IRControl (infrared imaging), IrNDT (ndt with active thermography) und IrMonitor (thermographic monitoring) and because of its compact design, it is very easy to integrate it into industrial equipments.

IRSmartEye 320 ndt – Data

Resolution: 320 x 256 pixels
Image rate: 30 Hz
Thermal sensitivity: < 30 mK (with high-performance lens)
Sensor: Uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range: 7,5 – 13,5 µm
Interface: Ethernet GigE, 100 MBit und 1GBit
Additional features: Integrated function generator for pulse and lock-In measurements, support of NDT methods by preprocessing of the camera
Power supply: 9 – 15 V, typical 12V, max. 4W
Weight: 250 gram without lens
Size: 65 mm x 65 mm x 75 mm without lens
Available high-performance lenses: f = 20mm, f/# = 0.85, Sichtbereich 34°
f = 12mm, f/# =0.85, Sichtbereich 54°
Available standard lenses: f = 14mm, f/# = 1.3, visual range 47°
f = 19mm, f/# = 1.4, visual range 36°
f = 35mm, f/# = 1.4, visual range 20°
f = 50mm, f/# = 1.7, visual range 14°

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