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Project Description

Use on-board spectum analyses, record, make pictures, take temperature readings all with one touch!

The development engineers at UE Systems have been working on a super detection system that combines state-of-the-art technology with each and every known plant inspection requirement in order to create an entire ultrasonic condition monitoring laboratory to fit in the palm of your hand. Some of the unique Ultraprobe® 15,000 features:

  • Touch screen technology
  • Plan & review routes, images and sounds on-board
  • Multiple data screens: dB / temperature / spectrum analysis
  • Take temperature readings with infrared thermometer & adjust emissivity
  • Analyze conditions with the on-board spectrum analyzer
  • Photograph test points with on-board camera
  • Pinpoint locations with laser pointer
  • Review alarm groups & generate reports
  • Store data, soundrecordings and images
  • Review historical record data

Use for ALL ultrasound applications & programs

  • Setup bearing data collection routes, analyze & create lubrication routes
  • Inspect electrical systems for faults, analyze on the spot & report
  • Inspect for faulty steam traps
  • Find your leaks & report cost per leak with DMS reporting

Why Choose this instrument?

  • Utilizes all the possibilities to inspect, report & analyze with ultrasound technology
  • Easy & quick to navigate with touch screen operation
  • On-board date review & spectrum analyses at the spot
  • Ideally for analyses & data collection programs
  • Comes with licence free data management (DMS) & Spectrum analyses software to manage & report asset condition

On board data logging utilizing Ultratrend DMS™ providing:

  • Manage routes
  • Up & download via USB connection
  • Multiple data views
  • History tables/spread sheets
  • Trend charts
  • Export database & report documents to Excel

On board sound recording utilizing Spectralyser™ software providing:

  • Analyze soundfiles in FFT & Time series
  • Create analyses reports
  • Overlay historic recordings for comparisons
  • Diagnose electrical faults
  • Bearing fault calculator for defect confirmation

Touch screen operation

The Ultraprobe® 15,000 has a durable, tough & easy to clean touch screen operating system. The digital technology offers us the possibility to always be in 1 to 3 clicks to the point where you need to be, making this the most efficient ultrasound inspection tool in the world!

Some of the icons used in the operating menus:

This instrument offers all feature, test efficiency & reporting functions an inspector could wish for!카탈로그 다운로드

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